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Josh and Gracie – 11/25/2023


November 25, 2023

Ceremony starts at 2:00 PM,
Reception starts at 4:15 PM


Christ the King Chapel

134 Christendom Drive
Front Royal, Virginia 22630


Historic Rosemont Springs

30 Rosemont Manor Lane
Berryville, Virginia 22611


Gracie Clark

The pinnacle of a bombshell blonde, Gracie is a lively spirit hailing from Front Royal, Virginia. The eldest of her five siblings, Gracie enjoys long walks on the beach, despite how cliché that sounds. She loves being a mom to her toddler, Olivia, as well as telling you why your opinions on philosophy, politics, and really just about anything are incorrect. She especially loves doing all these activities with her soon-to-be husband.


Josh Forbes

Handsome. Quick-witted. Talented. These are things that Josh tells himself that he is in order to hide the fact that he is a massive nerd who loves fantasy, Theology, and really anything that screams “geek.” Born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, Josh spends his free time playing board games with his friends, drinking whiskey, smoking cigars, and spending time with his beautiful soon-to-be wife.

Our Story

Josh and Gracie met at Christendom College while they were both freshmen, but they really never became friends until they were sophomores, working together on the Student Activities Council. They felt a connection and it turned into a relationship, but it ended up not working out. Fast forward a year and half and Josh and Gracie began to reconnect over a shared love of coffee, movies, and philosophy (although Josh insists it’s Theology). In June of 2022, they began dating again and they enjoyed the struggles and victories of Senior year together. They both graduated on May 13th, 2023, but before the commencement exercises began, Josh took Gracie to the Chapel of Our Lady and proposed before the Blessed Sacrament; and she said yes!

The Wedding Party

These are the people who know how to put the “party” in “wedding party!”

The Bridesmaids

Sisters, friends, and almost sister-in-laws make up Gracie’s bridal party, with these ladies more than happy to support Gracie on her big day!

Laine Clark

Jackie Clark

Ella Clark

Cecilia Delaney

Michelle Kelly

Kayla Paradis

Caroline McDermott

Gwyneth Sawicki

Maren Forbes

Cece Forbes

The Groomsmen

The guys. The lads. These men have been with Josh through thick and thin, making up the greatest crew of scallywags to ever walk the earth.

Jake Stevens

Peter Forbes

Alex Forbes

Seb Ghering

Joe Kelly

Javi Madan

John Donahoe

TJ Yee

Zach Hsu

Liam Clark


The Ceremony

Beginning operation in April of 2023, the Chapel of Christ the King stands tall as a monument to truth, beauty, and goodness on the campus of Christendom College. Josh and Gracie were blessed to watch its construction over the past four years, and it also is the place where he proposed to her!


The Reception

Located about a half an hour north of the Christ the King chapel, the Historic Rosemont Springs is an Amish style barn located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Featuring a stone courtyard, a majestic waterfall, and a large fireplace, it is the perfect spot to celebrate Josh and Gracie’s marriage.


Saturday, November 25, 2023